Join us as dance music is taking back Thursdays at Fattys!

First the history:
Fattys hosted the longest running electronic dance music weekly club night in Idaho history with FML Thursdays which ran from 2010-2016. Big ups and much respect to Jeffrey Jensen, Greg Frisch, and later Eric Finnegan and Candra Shanks who all made FML happen. Fatty’s evolved with better sound, lighting, visuals, bars, and smiling faces dancing to great music. It was awesome to see the club night grow with the club itself! FML also saw themes such as the Highlighter Party and headliners such as Christian Martin, Herobust and many more.

FML saw many a packed night but ended in 2016. Jeffrey the main promoter developed cancer, a battle he is still fighting(good vibes and healing his way from us at Audio Thrill). On top of that two other clubs in town had dance music club nights on Thursday plus multiple others every week so the market had changed-too much dance music in too small of a market in Boise for every club night to succeed. At one point, Crowbar had dance music 5 nights a week with at least one weekly headlining artist, Fattys had FML on Thursdays, China Blue had Trill Thursdays, Reef had Sunday Service on the Rooftop by WOH along with other WOH events with headliners, Liquid had a weekly on Wednesdays, The Bouquet had a monthly, and random events as well as of course, and the big name concerts at Knitting Factory and Revolution. It was nice if you liked electronic music you could go out any night of the week and hear it, as well as see amazing headliners for FREE; however with so many club nights all too often the dance floor was nearly empty. There was an over supply of club nights than the market in Boise demanded. This is why Audio Thrill Productions only did our annual Fright Fest as well as a deep house, tech house and techno monthly called “Go Deep” that died with the venue it was at: The Crazy Horse.

A little over a year and a half since FML ended and things have changed. Crowbar has become Grainey’s Basement again and doesn’t host dance music, the other club nights have ended as well. There is one dance music weekly in Boise on the rooftop of Reef on Sundays put on by WOH and it’s packed every week. Respect to WOH for making it through the oversupply of club nights and still going strong! Their Sunday weekly ends in a few weeks and lucky for the dance music lovers of Boise then Thursdays at Fattys are back!

Rather than it being Audio Thrill’s weekly we have chosen to work with other co promoters in Boise each week with the intention of uniting the scene in Boise where we all can prosper to avoid the mistakes of the past with so much competition and not enough fans to support it. Together we are stronger. After all: WE ARE ONE. One month into this and we’re having a great time.

If you are interested in: promoting, DJing, performing, hosting a club night, anything performance art or nightlife related please e-mail me at

See this post for the scheduled Thursday events as well as more about the future club nights Thursdays at Fattys.

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